Idle Breakout


Idle Breakout is a revamped version of the original Breakout with a twist. Instead of having a premade level where you have to clear the blocks that were left by the level creator, in Idle Breakout you get to remove blocks and insert the ball yourself. The level starts when you add one or more balls to the level. The cool thing is that you can add up to 50 balls and it’s upgradeable if you have enough gold which you can earn by completing levels.

How to Play Idle Breakout

Idle Breakout is unique because it’s an idle game. You just have to add the balls in this game world and they will automatically try to remove all blocks as fast as possible. You can also click on blocks to make them all vanish quicker. You need to manage different types of balls with unique abilities. As you play, Idle Breakout gives you a multitude of different upgrades. You have faster clicking, enhanced speed, more power when the ball hits and so on.

Different Ball Types

You have the regular balls that are yellow, but there are other types of balls you unlock as you play. The interesting thing with Idle Breakout is that each one of the colored balls has special features. The Plasma Ball, which is dark pink, causes splash damage to bricks and it has a higher speed and power when compared to a regular ball. All balls have their own upgrades too.


• Idle based gameplay
• Simple, easy to get into
• Classic, yet beautiful visuals
• You can have up to 50 balls on the field
• Numerous levels to play through

If you enjoy breakout but always wanted to try out something new, then Idle Breakout is ideal for you. This is a very empowering, fun and enjoyable game with intense gameplay and lots of great levels. Try it now!


Idle Breakout is developed by Kodiqi in 2019.


Web Browser

Idle Breakout Gameplay